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Releases, remasters, and reflections, oh my!
News posted 9th February, 2020 by Joshtek  

First up, we have three new (or remastered) games to enjoy:

Secondly, Knockturnal wrote a "short Ode to TDC", a forum thread which sparked a bit of reflection from TDC members on their experience of the Klik community over the years. Feel free to join in the discussion to share your memories!

And speaking of old times, if you missed out on the SmileyHouse Reunion you can still play the classic Klik MMORPG SmileyHouse at If you had an old account, to get your account back please talk to Code6 on the SmileyHouse Discord channel linked to on the website.

Posted by BigAl0104 9th February, 2020

Thanks for that, man! Also my name's not William Fudge Image
Comment edited by BigAl0104 on 09/02/2020
Posted by Ambrion 9th February, 2020

Golly, what lovely treats we have served here! I was waiting for the remaster of Alex & Friends' Quest (because I know the man behind it very well *wink*) but I turned my blind eye on the others. Perhaps I'll check these when I find fitting time as always, and to make sure they all stick out
Posted by Joshtek 9th February, 2020

BigAl0104: Haha, oops. Fixed (after watching Dr. Who, of course!)
Posted by BigAl0104 9th February, 2020

Lol. Other than that, thanks for the news article!


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