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News posted 2nd December, 2020 by Joshtek  

It seems to be sequel season. The latest submissions to The Daily Click are:

  • Area 51 Weeb Defense 2.22 by Ghost Data Media. This is sequel to the tower defence game inspired by the Area 51 Raid in 2019
  • The Unicycle Adventure 2, a platformer by Kendall Currie. Ride around on your unicycle and obtain important flags (again).
  • BALD MAN, a by Devid K. A hard parkour platformer with some puzzle elements.
  • Lucid Dreams 2, a 2D collectathon platformer by MonadoBoy64.

You can now vote for the best games released in August. Choose between the following:

  • Fishhead: Blueprint - Demo, a platformer game by Hayo: "Help Fishhead retrieve the stolen blueprint in a new colourful platformer!"
  • DDAY WARS, an action game by James Luke: "Soldiers triumph war battle fight kill murder dearth"
  • Capsule Savior, a platformer game by Guerra: "Collect pills and try to survive in this strange platform game"
  • Area 51 Weeb Defense 1.11, a tower defence game by Ghost Data Media: "They announced when they were arriving...That was their greatest mistake!"

Want a video with a video of all of the August GOTM contenders? We've got you covered!

Posted by Ghost Data Media 2nd December, 2020

Thanks for the shoutout! It's good to see so many sequels this season, I'm excited to see what comes up next!
Posted by Joshtek 3rd December, 2020

You're welcome, Ghost Data Media. You share games with us, and we share them with the world!

One of the fun things about sequels is seeing how the authors have improved and how they have taken forward the ideas from the previous version.

It's also great to Devid K make their first submission, and a puzzle game no less (one of my favourite genres). The download is a .rar file so to play it you may need to get 7-ZIP or WinRAR.
Comment edited by Joshtek on 03/12/2020


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