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Hi-Score Mash-up Game Jam Entries (and Q on Winter compo)
News posted 25th November, 2022 by Joshtek  

The entries are for the Hi-Score Mash-up Game Jam so check them out while us judges are doing our reviewing thing. Also, check the bottom of this post for a question about whether you're interesting in a winter-themed competition.

Harry the Hedgehog submitted by BigAl0104. Can you help Harry recover his lady love, Hilda? Find out by playing this platformer!
Hungry Hedgehogs 2022 submitted by blazewasbored. Scaffolds and hedgehogs and dynamite... oh my!
Infinite Romeo: Pie In The Sky by Danni: "Enjoy endless generated levels of breezy platforming and more pies than you could ever eat!"
Lobotector by Tammy Spahn: "Everyone's throwing things at Lobo for some reason, and only you can protect him!"
Space Hedgehogs by LordHannu. Gracillis V with added hedgehogs. Pew pew!

Interested in taking part in a winter-themed Click game creation competition? Let us know below, as we'll run one if enough people show an interest. It also would be useful if you could give us an estimate of how long you think the competition should run for if we were to run it.

Posted by Joshtek 26th November, 2022

Haven't finished a game yet but still want to do a mash-up? Few free to make a "late submission" which isn't part of the main competition but is still considered part of this game jam!
Posted by blazewasbored 26th November, 2022

I would take part in a longer winter themed competition... maybe after the new year when there's little to fill the time?
Posted by Tammy Spahn 1st December, 2022

Oh, I didn't notice that the entries were posted here. I should check them out when I can, but I also wanted to say that something went wrong with the blurb for my game because it's definitely not about ocean trash, lol. Apparently, it got the blurb of an unrelated game called flopsam.
Posted by Joshtek 1st December, 2022

Tammy Spahn: Oops - I've fixed your blurb!


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