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Harry the Hedgehog
Author: BigAl0104 Submitted: 21st November, 2022 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 90

Edited By BigAl0104 on 17/12/2023

This game was made for the TDC Hi-Score Mash-Up Game Jam!

One day, Harry the Hedgehog was enjoying a nice day with the love of his life, Hilda, when suddenly, the evil Wormy McSquirmy kidnapped her, and took her deep into the forest. Can you help Harry recover his lady love, Hilda?

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Jump
P: Pause Game
ESC: Exit Game

* Game comes in a .zip file, all you need to do is extract it. *


Game by BigAl0104
Created in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites ripped from the following demo games:
- Hungry Hedgehogs by Richard Gale.
- Lobotomy and Zeb, both by Lee Bamber and Nolan Worthington.

Additional graphics created by me.

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Posted by blazewasbored 28th November, 2022
Rated :

I enjoyed this! For the future, I'd suggest making new level concepts a smidge more forgiving when they're first introduced if you're going to have lives, as it was a little frustrating on my first playthrough to die to things I didn't understand. The moving and jumping feel great, and I had fun!
Posted by BigAl0104 28th November, 2022


Thanks for playing! My intention was to make it into somewhat of a learning curve where you would play it for the first time, learn the hazards, and come back to try it all again with now knowing what to do. That's why I added the easier difficulties just to practice first before moving on to the real challenge.





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