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Review: PacMan 2000
Author: Muggus
Added: 24/09/2002

I must be honest... it's been a while since i've played pacman or of it's clones, so I don't what to expect really. So i'm going into this review without anything but my own oppinions on pacman clones. Don't blame me if I'm out of date!

Essentially Pacman is based around the gameplay, so this is the most important aspect of making game enjoyable and worthwhile.
In this version the movement itself, makes the game quite a challenge at times. The custom movement is pretty well made at times, and a bit tricky, then again I have not much to compare it with, so it works.
The AI is one thing i'm reasonably happy with. Quite devevious when they're nearby, although they do tend to give up after a while, and stop from time to time. This can be seen more clearly when you chasing them and they sometimes seem to come straight back towards you, but nothing terrible. The only thing I really have against the 'ghosts' is that it's hard to tell when they are changing back to normal colour, and that they seem to roam around you when they've been eaten, rather than going back to the centre. There's been a few times when a dead ghost end up killing me, so I suppose I have a bone to pick there, but it works.
The re

Starting off with the title screen, which is pretty cool with the 3D modelling and all, makes me wonder why you didn't use it elsewhere. I think a "Press any key to continue" sign might help here, for dumb people like myself!And on that note, the READY sign on the levels seems to take forever, might need some kind of countdown display, or something...i'm too impatient!
The in game graphics are nothing spectacular, especially compared to the title screen, I think I expected better.
The sounds are alright, probably a wider range of sounds for different things couldn't go a stray. The music is kind of, well strange, I'm not sure how to classify it. All up the sounds effects do the job though.
The levels themselves are alright, some more challenging that others. I think the blocks should be made with a set grid so you get some kind of consistancy.

The good thing about arcade games is their lastability I think, you can always do better...or someone else can. PacMan 2000 is no acception. The high score table is essential, and it works perfectly, so i'm happy with that.
However, I think the game could probably do with some additions to seperate from other games, like multiplayer, online high scores, or different types of gameplay.
But as I said, it'll keep you coming back for more because of the number of levels and the scoring of the game.

It's good fun and will keep you coming back until you've reached a goal of playing all of the levels and beating top scores, but besides that there's not much that seperates this from most other pac man clones. Not bad, but nothing we haven't seen before!


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