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Review: PacMan 2000
Author: Rycon
Added: 24/09/2002

Alright so heres my lowdown here.

The game is great to waste some time on, beside the only 2 flaws I have found and one anoying thing, and 1 thing that isent in the original. Of course I am not going to be negitive.

Ok the 2 flaws are that like a other review you cannot turn in long hall ways making it a 1 way trip to death if there is a monster infront of you. Its not that big of a deal, but is one step away from perfection.

The other flaw is that the lives dont set back to 3 after game over, woopy doo just hit f2.

The anoying thing are is the music before you start a level, the super mario intro or whatever, if it could be skipable it would be nice. Still its such a minor thing, who cares.

And the 1 thing that sorta matters is after you get a white thingy, after you eat one of the monsters, it doesent go back to its home base to turn back into a monster. Allowing you to clear the level and grab them hard to get areas quickly. Its not that big, but another step away from perfection.

These are all the downfalls, not much huh?

What I enjoyed was the music in the background, sets you in the mode. Call me crazy lol.

The size is incredibly small, download and play, no hassle. If you dont know how to use winzip.... give me a break.

Its a game, play it. Give the guy some credit. Only make fun of it if you can do better. Just think about it.. not so easy as you thought huh. lol.

Besides! Your a yellow... circle thing with a mouth that goes up and down and you have a black circle for your eyeball and you EAT STUFF! What the heck could be better.


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