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PacMan 2000
Author: Ashman Submitted: 23rd September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 333

There has been a fair bit of talk about clones lately so I couldn't help but make this quick one of PacMan. Welcome to PacMan 2000, a modern take on the classic arcade game with 3D title graphics and updated (but still in keeping with the classic, in-game graphics) The ultimate goal is to gather as many points as possible. The goal is to control the infamous yellow dot through 5 mazes, avoiding enemies that become progressively more aggressive as the levels go on. Gather as many points as you can by consuming dots, red berries, silver berries and vunerable enemies. Your scores are tallied after the 5 levels have been completed or you get Game Over.

No major aspects are ignored, but a few minor things have been altered for originality.

*** Modern Changes ***
-Updated Graphics
-Enemy AI is not exactly the same. Is a little odd. Some times it is very difficult and calculated. Others, it is the least intelligent thing you've ever witnessed.
-Once an enemy has been eating, his ghost will remain stunned for about 5 seconds before being restored to it's former self and continuing on it's wave of terror. In the original, the enemies returned to their place of origin after death, which I found too simple.

This clone is loyal to the original. I claim credit for only the work I have done, Programming, Graphics and Sound FX (which I collected from various websites). Nintendo and Sega are responsible for the original music compositions and Namco own the PacMan rights. DON'T SUE, DON'T SUE, DON'T SUE, DON'T SUE!!! lol

I hope you enjoy this easy going game. Feel free to review and share your thoughts.

PS : A post was made in the DC forum about Clone games. Jon Chambers asked for an example of a clone that outdoes the original. I couldn't think of one that exceeded the original (the closest was RockIt) so I decided to make one that exceeded the original. I hope I succeeded.

This is a tricky to server to download from. Turn off D'load resuming programs and do not right click save as. Left click and it will goto a 'this file is hosted by' page. Click on the link there to download. Sorry I was in a rush to upload and couldn't be bothered finding a better one.

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Posted by danjo 23rd September, 2002

oh dear. sorry ash, but i have to say, it sorta looks like pacman, but thats about it. the movment for your pacman is not right, you cant turn around in a long tunnel ?! - leading to death. the way you have set up your maze, "should" lead to easy ghost AI, but they just seem totally random to me. i guess you'll have to wait for mine which shouldnt be too far away.. 1 thing i noticed is how close out pacmen look like each other, maybe they're twins. pulsecodes drawing my stuff, so i hope he's not copying? hahah ;)
Posted by temporary1357 23rd September, 2002

Two Words: DF Designs Two More Words: Pacman DX
Posted by Ashman 23rd September, 2002

Danjo : lol oh well I tried. Sizzem : Huh? Also to the 10 sorry sods who already D/loaded this you will not be able to complete past level 3. There is a glitch involving a dot over a block making it Fixed and uploaded. Future downloadees will have no trouble. Sorry.
Posted by danjo 24th September, 2002

its not a bad game tho - just not the best.
Posted by danjo 24th September, 2002

i just had a look at pacmanDx , and quite frankly its pretty ordinary. i was suprised by all its good comments. its movment engine is not great, and its AI, is poor !
Posted by Ashman 24th September, 2002

OK fair enough Danjo.
Posted by The Chris Street 27th September, 2002

hey, I liked this Small but sweet.
Posted by TS Team 28th November, 2002

It's pretty good, but I don't like the movement properties.






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