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Review: Fishhead 3 demo
Author: Matt Boothman
Added: 26/09/2002

Just one thing, you need to get Install Maker, because the default installers don't work right on Windows ME, you have to restart.

On to the game...

A nice logo at the start and a good title screen are vital, remember, you only get 1 first impression. My first impression was that this game looked professional. There was a theme in the menus, not just some mish-mash of colours, and it looked great.
I started the game proper, and I couldn't get into the first level, then I realised that you had to press shift. That's needs to be sorted for dumb peeps like me .
The graphics were MINT! I especially liked the waterfall effect, and the way that it splashed as you walked over it.
At first it was damn hard, especially the mines. But I got used to it, and I got through the first 3 levels quite easily. The hardest level was the race car level, I spent ages on it, LOL. I got past it though, and i came to the end, to my disappointment.

The music was okay, and so were the sound effects. I noticed a few from the old KNP libraries.

As I said before, these were mint. I liked Fishhead, because of the fish. The rest of the graphics looked pleasingly cartoonish, with a touch of Zeb-style.

Cool. The enemies were good, if a little easy. I have nothing against the TGF platform movement, quite the opposite in fact, as I am making my own platformer using it.

This will last for a while. The demo lasted as long as some full games (most of them mine ). I can't wait for the full game!!!


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