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Review: Fishhead 3 demo
Author: Shen
Added: 15/09/2002

In my opinion, this game is really, really good. So, yeah, it uses the standard platform movement. You don't really notice it much ingame, so I don't know why people don't stop complaining about it.

The intro graphics are prerendered 3D, and the ingame graphics are just as good. See the way the water splashes as Fishhead walks over it? See the way the fish swim about in the water? The level of detail is just as amazing. The sound is cool, and effects spot on.

Each level has good design, with enclosed areas and baddies placed in the right places for you to wonder why you didn't shoot him before he shot you. Or something to that effect. You have health, and three lives. Actually, I'm not sure what the lives are for, as you don't generally go for points and there isn't a highscore table as I've seen. The only thing I thought was a bit iffy was the difficulty level. No, it's not Eternal Daughter style die-every-five-minutes difficult, but there are some places where you can just die straight away, like in mines or in water. The mines are also difficult, they're hard to spot.

There's plenty levels to keep you going, and even a 2-player minigame to keep you amused. There's games within games, such as level 4 the car driving thing (don't ask me how it can jump). This is one of the best platformers I've seen in a long time. Get it.


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