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Review: Fishhead 3 demo
Author: MasterM
Added: 15/09/2002

The first thing I have to say is: Holy shit!

The Fishhead 3 Demo is only amazing, Everybody should download this. Than you know how a good game have to look like because Fishhead is one of the best click games in my opinion!!!

It could be one of my loved SNES games (I am a big SNES fan) but the SNES games doesnít have such a great 3d graphic.

A mix between cool and smooth 3d and cute 3d. The graphics are only brilliant and they impressed (and are impressing) me a lot!
Look at some games: You play a level to itís end and thatís all.
In Fishhead I just stand around a little bit and enjoyed the great graphic.

The game has an important thing many click games doesnít have: DETAILS!
Things which arenít necessary but they exist because they make a game much cooler and people will enjoy to play this game.
In Level one: Look at the great animated water. Youíll see fishes swimming in the water.
or the idea with the rain in level twoÖ
When you wait the animations of Fishhead are only funny and cool. After some time heíll play Game Boy.

A tutorial and a mini game make this game much cooler and more perfectly (If it isnít still perfect)

The game play is good, too.
A 3 slot save engine!
Itís nice to collect keys.
To walk from the left screen to the right screen is so boring and I saw it in so many games before.

There is so many I could say about the great graphic and the rest of this demo but this would take many pages.

and this is just the DEMO!!!

I wish you good luck with the full version but I think that you will not need any luck only time to finish it.
Thank you very much for Fishhead.


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