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Review: AOMB2 episode 1 DEMO
Author: J.C. Oliveira
Added: 17/10/2002

Hey, everyone. Well, I'm not much into reviewing games but, you know, great games like this must be commented. AOMB2 is, by far, the best klik game ever made. Ok, it's just a 3 level demo, but it's actually bigger than a lot of full games out there in the community.

In AOMB2 you play Mark. I don't know exactly who's this guy, but he already sounds cooler than my friends.I mean, one has to be REALLY COOL to star a cool game like this. Well, back to the game: you play Mark and have to go fighting a lot of aliens, performing really cool combos and special attacks, just like in those good and old "Streets of Rage" games. Now, to the short comments part :

GRAPHICS: Best klik game ever.

MUSIC: Well, I have to be honest: I hate techno and rap. So, I didn't like the music at all. But that's just my opinion, anyway: the music fits the game, and is very well made - even tough I didn't think it was cool to download 14 MB of music I don't like . The sound fx are REALLY cool, and the voices are perfect.

GAMEPLAY: Best klik game ever.

FUN FACTOR: This is the most important part of any game, right? Well, AOMB2 is fuckin' fun, and you'll surely love it as much as I did. Well, maybe not, if you're a rpg gay. Uh,I mean, rpg fan.

AOMB2 is the first klik game that I'd actually consider buying ( the full version, of course) , and that's a really good thing . Don't be afraid of the file size and download it now. And, at last, let's thank the guy who gave us this excellent game: Antonhy Lopes, the Klik God!


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