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AOMB2 episode 1 DEMO
Author: Anthony Lopes Submitted: 15th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 896

Edited By Anthony Lopes on 10/17/2002

Edited By Andi Smith on 10/16/2002

The AOMB2 demo/beta is a reality. What does that mean? Well, for starters, this won't have all the features the final does, it's only 3 levels.

Being 3 levels, it's still longer than the original AOMB, but only a part of the whole story. You'll start with 2 simple attacks wailing on your enemies, and increase your experience point to raise your fighting level to inflict nasty multi-hit combos. The higher the combo, the more experience you gain. So the better you fight, the more you'll build Mark up in his fighting techniques! Here's a list of what you WILL get:

3 Levels
Combo meters
New moves including blocking and throws (depends on your level)
New in-game items
Exp pts. with 8+ levels (depends how well you fight)
Smarter AI
New Bosses
Bonus Rounds
New in-game engines
All new original music

Here's what you won't see:

All 7 Levels
13+ Normal moves including blocking and throws
9 Special moves
14+ Normal foes
7+ Bosses
3+ Bonus Rounds
7+ Different in-game engines
Save system
5+ Hidden modes
Tons of secrets
Characters with up to 27 different animations
All new original music & raps
Hidden Characters

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Posted by CYS 16th October, 2002

I love it!
Posted by Krux6 16th October, 2002

Great stuff! This should definitely be on the front page even though its not a full version.
Posted by Jason Orme 17th October, 2002

FINNALY! IT HAS ARRIVED! Ah man, ive been waiting for this for soooo long. Oh 21% downloaded so far!
Posted by Jason Orme 17th October, 2002

COME ON! 74%
Posted by Jason Orme 17th October, 2002

DONE! now to unleash pain upon stupid aliens once again!
Posted by -Oka- 17th October, 2002

This is quite challenging... :)
Posted by SoftWarewolf 17th October, 2002

O YEAH!!! :D
Posted by Aurelien DAVIS 17th October, 2002

Dash it it definitely looks great...
Posted by Jason Orme 17th October, 2002

:D i goto the dinosour in the museum that attacks you. The road level KICKS ASS!
Posted by c0n0nu0m 17th October, 2002

What is AOMB2 short for?
Posted by jast 17th October, 2002

Adventures of Mark Basehore.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 17th October, 2002

do you draw all of your graphics on paper first?Im just wondering cuz theyre great!I may download the file,but its pretty big for dialup so i may not :(:(:(.
Posted by OOOPPPs 17th October, 2002

gfx look excellent, but r the screenies of the demo or the full game???
Posted by Anthony Lopes 17th October, 2002

I draw some of my graphics on paper first. In this game very little was done that way. The bonus round, kaneda's bike and some other thinks were done on paper first. But this game has the most "in-computer" art of all of my games. Try getting Get Right so you can continue the DL later. The pics are all from the demo.
Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 17th October, 2002

This looks just great
Posted by The Chris Street 17th October, 2002

Theres no way I'm downloading this at its current file size o_O Make a less colour intensive version Anthony! Where the backgrounds are, at say 64 colours. It'll look more grainy yes, but I'd be happy :D
Posted by Anthony Lopes 17th October, 2002

The color is @ 32768. Making it 256 wouldn't make it much smaller, but make it would look so bad that I would never do that to my games. The music is 14MB of it (with very high MP3 compression). Too bad you won't DL it, but I'm not making smaller.
Posted by Jason Orme 17th October, 2002

With the Music its great, dont change a thing :)
Posted by Simon Elo 17th October, 2002

Please take those mp3`s away, I can`t download that big file with my 56k modem. I want it!
Posted by Anthony Lopes 17th October, 2002

As an artist, removing the music would be like taking the 2nd & 3rd levels off the demo. It's just as much a part of the game experience as the graphics. there is no reason you can't use a 56k modem to dl it. As a matter of fact, I USED 56k MODEM TO UPLOAD IT. You can do it while you sleep or use gozilla or Getright to do it in parts.
Posted by dfhdfh 17th October, 2002

Take ADSL, MP3 rulez!!! It makes a game sounds good!
Posted by royal knight software 17th October, 2002

ive downloaded something that was 50mb with 56k and it didnt take long
Posted by Mutantleg 17th October, 2002

I wonder how big the full version will be... :)
Posted by Anthony Lopes 17th October, 2002

The full version is gonna be stupid big :P ... I will probably set up a meathod to mail it on CD to people. Might set up a PO box and people can send me blank CDs with return postage in the envelope or something. then a big "order" & release date. But I won't be charging anything for it. then there will be the huge DL version on line for everybody with DSL/CABLE/T1. the game got so big, I don't really care about the size anymore. When it's on CD it will be full 16 mil colors, high quality MP3s, full size everything. probably like 80+ MB. something rediculous. I gave up being efficient on this a long time ago.. heh. ;)
Posted by Nicholas 17th October, 2002

Why not MIDItize it for the 56kers?
Posted by SoftWarewolf 17th October, 2002

even if it becomes over 100mb can u still put it out for download? cus i would still like to download it :D its one thing im wondering about trough.. how are we suposed to click on everything when u hide our mouse pointer? i had to remote control my machine to acces the mouse pointer
Posted by Anthony Lopes 17th October, 2002

I'll have an online version no matter how big the final version is. hmmm.. the mouse shouldn't have that problem, I never have. The times the game need a pointer, I made sure to make it was visible. It's probably one of those glitches that only happens on certain computers.. :( I'll see what I can do for the final version. Hey, I would love to use midis for the final version if you can get someone to redo all my songs as midis!
Posted by Made by NEWT! 17th October, 2002

I have a hard time controling it... :-(
Posted by Dogzer 17th October, 2002

the byke looks good
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 17th October, 2002

I got 56k and I downloaded it in a few hours. But I gotta say, make it so you can change the control system, there are a large percentage of us who think WASD controls are retarded, we got four prefectly fine keys with directions printed on em. Apart from that, and the overly resiliant aliens, you are on to a winner here. Keep up the good work.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 17th October, 2002

I do agree with the slow connection people, although i downloaded it all on 56k, you should put out 2 versions, one for 56k uses, without the music and other non-vital things, and one for those with cable or a lot of spare time.
Posted by Anthony Lopes 17th October, 2002

I think the u,d,l,r, crtl, shift keys are retarded. I like having keys set for right handed people, like most vg controlers. I have all the key controls for 2099 set to that right handed configuration and after 16000+ DLs I never had any complaints. Also, the first game had the same type of setup, I figured this would be ok. The full game with have many options for the controls.
Posted by Nicholas 17th October, 2002

Why not make one without mps. I don't mid music. I just need SFX. I'll DL it. *DLs* (24.35mb Not good for my C Drive)
Posted by danjo 18th October, 2002

PLUS POINTS: overall a good effort. lovely gfx, great blend of cartoon style. nice animations, nice levels. fun to play - although bordering on button bashing. MINUS POINTS: the keyboard layout is horrible, considering the level of effort gone into this, a key config would have been nice! the game does have a LOT of bugs all over the place, and to the reveiwer who said they were mmf bugs, NO WAY! - they are lazy coding bugs. CONCLUSION: is a good game, certainly of high standard, BUT, small things need to be worked on. my advice is get yourself a quality playtester to play your game, to iron out the "clickyness" out of it. (if you do have one, then sack him, and get a better one!) as it stands - this is just a great click game - not worthy of paying for imo.
Posted by danjo 18th October, 2002

oh - and i forgot - top music, did you do it all yourself?
Posted by danjo 18th October, 2002

Posted by SoftWarewolf 18th October, 2002

u know u can just hold Ctrl+Y to change all the controls right? XD i use gamepad! :P
Posted by Anthony Lopes 18th October, 2002

"the game does have a LOT of bugs all over the place" danjo, you can help fix those by emailing me what those bugs are.
Posted by Toad 19th October, 2002

the game is very nice but so hard
Posted by Jason Orme 19th October, 2002

Does it have any level skips like in the original?
Posted by Jason Orme 19th October, 2002

YAY! i got to the level 2 BOSS and then died. Stupid wooden man.
Posted by Daniel Schneider 20th October, 2002

l0ve this game! This is great! I think it was a bit hard too. I managed to finish the MON-Ster boss and then i died from the dynamite blast in the sewers :) Really cool! Cant wait to get my hands on the finished product ;=)
Posted by Pioupiou 20th October, 2002

Well i also agree that the defaut layout is horrible, especially because i have an AZERTY keyboard :), hopefully ctrl+y allow us tu change keys, so i wont complain about controls ! I have waited this game for a logn time, and it really worth the dl ! (it takes me 2 hour and a half with a 56 k :)). Graphics : They really kicks ass, one of the most beatiful clikc game ever made. very wel done 3d rendered background, with very veyr well drawed and animated character, this is perfect ! Sound : Sfx fit well in the game, as for music. Congratulation on the music, they are cool. Gameplay : Level design is fine, as for gameplay, but there a probleme here : the games is too hard, so i doubt everybody will be able to finish the game. I only managed to go the the (excellent) bike sequence. but when i lose, it send me back to the first level. You should have made a continue system, or more life at beginning coz the game is too hard. This is the only (major) bad point i found in this game. But maybe with the save system this will be better ! Anyway i recommend to all of yout to dl this, even with a 56k, and i am really waiting for the full version ! Congratulation Anthony !
Posted by Anthony Lopes 21st October, 2002

Interesting.. This is the first time I've heard people say the game is hard. Most all of my beta testors said the game was too easy. I think that the save system will make a pretty big difference. Also, the game is much easier if you get all the hidden items and extra lives.
Posted by Jason Orme 25th October, 2002

i never seem to have enough EXP to buy anything from that guy. Also, i hope the save engine will make it easier, aslong as it is restart the section of the level you are on, and not the whole level. And i still carnt kill the wooden man. If people are going to see the whole buety of this game, then i reckomend not making it soooo hard :)
Posted by Anthony Lopes 25th October, 2002

I think the major problem lies with people not thinking when they fight. it is possible to beat MON-STER without even being hit if you just take the time. Sure, i get killed by him, but it's usually because I can't wait and just keep attacking him and letting hime crush me. There IS a better way to fight. ED is 10x harder than this game. I think I will learn from BES, and keep it the way it is. the save starts you at the begining of the level. the levels are WAAAAY to short to be split up.
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 22nd September, 2004

lol 61 comments just in 1 month XD
Posted by 28th December, 2004

that's nothing compared to JRPG.
Posted by izac 23rd January, 2005

Wuy won't it let me download it?
Posted by wario 21st May, 2005

maybe because this is an oooooooooold topic so therefore the download got expired, or somit -.- a badass game, though it is.






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