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Review: AOMB2 episode 1 DEMO
Author: Ian M. Phoenix
Added: 10/05/2003


The game was presented well, although the no-resolution-change is a bit annoying. It has neat story screens, but the attempt to have ultra-hip dialogue gets old real quick so you'll probably end up skipping them.

SOUND & MUSIC - 8/10

Great sound, some of the best punch sounds available and cool music too. This game's sound fits the style and graphics so well and it all just clicks.


Pretty darn good. Backgrounds that would even make Eternal Daughter weep, with no signs of any tiling. Characters are animated very well with nice shading and they fit the backgrounds well. The menu is nice too.


When you start out, you only have one weapon: a weak, slow punch that you have to stop before using. However things get more interesting as you progress and gain experience.

However the little aliens that you fight take no real skill to defeat and they get monotonous since you want to (or have to) defeat them all before going to the next area.

On the other hand, this game features some of the best boss AI I've seen in a klik game, it really feels like you're fighting a SNES video game boss, fun stuff.

Added unique features are like being able to buy special weapons, although poorly implemented since there is no way to get that many points to buy them.


This game has variety in gameplay by having minigames after each level, and some levels are set in a motorcycle for even more fun.

However the game is rather linear and I don't think playing it over again would be much fon for a while.

OVERALL - 7/10

This game is very well-polished and has loads of potential, but at it's current state there are some flaws keeping it from being one of the best.

If the game gets finished however, this could be another ED to look up to.

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