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Review: The Cube
Author: Phil Jones
Added: 05/01/2002

First off, the graphics were great, except for the fire, electicity and gas graphics. They just didn't seem to fit. But the crazy things that flashed on the screen, they were awesome! The dieing screen I felt coyuld have been different for each way you died.
The music and sounds set the feel great, it does start to make you paranoid of what lied next.
I did make it out of The Cube through a door that I shall not mention but I wanna know if there's only one door to escape or are there 2 or 3? Because the one I went out said "...You escaped the cube, but what lies outside...".
I would also like to know if it is a random map everytime, or is there a set layout of rooms, you just start in a random room? The way I got out was just sheer luck, and more-so if the rooms are completely random.


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