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Review: The Cube
Author: Canaryman
Added: 05/01/2002

It's heart attack time boys. This is the scariest klik game ever created.

Drowning, creaking, evil visions, impailing, shooting, puzzling.

It's no more a puzzle game than it is an experience.

The puzzle part of it is extremly simplistic but effective. I won't spoil it for you but 23 is bad and 6 is good, that's all it tells you anyway. But it's enough. Let's just say the exit is all 6's.

The game, although simple, is very immersive. You are alone, in this maze of like rooms, where there are traps, horrors and most of all, doors. You must navigate your way to the exit by picking a door. pick the wrong one and - ERK! your dog meat. and some very gruesome deaths await you. As do some shi* scary visions you see. I'd definitly vote this "klik game most likly to cause nightmares" or "klik game most likly to block up your toilet", presuming you make it there ofcource.

The graphics are great, but simplistic, a guy in his green pjyamas has such a fluid animation it's great.

It's a pity there is no catergory for sound, cause it's the sound that really sells this game.

creaks, screams gurgles. the pants-wetting lot.

DOWNLOAD NOW! you won't live to regret it - mwhahahahaha


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