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Review: Smilz Two
Author: Poke & Gravy
Added: 02/11/2002

Smilz Two is sort of an arcady platformer. It is great fun, and the timer makes it have that perfect level of evil just keep wanting to beat the damn clock!

The platform movement had no flaws as far as I could tell, so some good programming there. As you play the game it runs smoothly, with no bugs or anything to interupt the fun gameplay. The format is quite good too, as the 1-frame platform levels are a fun thing to play. I found this game to be very difficult (perhaps I'm just bad), but if the difficulty can be evil while still being fun, then you've got yourself a fun game.

Simple, cartoony graphics, slightly pixelly. Bright colors make the graphics very appealing, but they are not anything unique, special or eyecatching. The bar on the right side looks good as it is nice but not distracting.

The reason this game is going to last me awhile is because of the difficulty. It's going to take me a long time to beat. I am not sure if I will play thru it again when I beat it, but it will have had it's time by then.

Great game! Definitely worth a download! Definitely a fun time!


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