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Smilz Two
Author: Blast_Boy Submitted: 2nd November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 331

An old game I have struggled to finish. But eventually I got there with an alright result. Includes 6 non stop platform levels. Pretty simple collect the coins, dodge the enemies and jump around on platforms.

Controls: Move - Arrow keys
Jump - Shift


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Posted by Poke & Gravy 2nd November, 2002

This game is great! Incredibly addictive, and hard/evil (which is a good thing). Nice job with it!
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 2nd November, 2002

Far... too... addictive... Must... stop... Urgh...
Posted by skn3 2nd November, 2002

you stole my idea...
Posted by SplinTAH 2nd November, 2002

This looks strangely like skn3s up comign pac-form on 2bit.. check it out there
Posted by skn3 2nd November, 2002

although it says 'two' so probably a sequal, and in all excence they look simialr, but play totaly different
Posted by SplinTAH 2nd November, 2002

you stole my comment skn xD
Posted by skn3 2nd November, 2002

Wowa that was weird, both posted exactly the same time
Posted by SplinTAH 2nd November, 2002

Posted by Matt 2nd November, 2002

Hmmm.... No Comment...
Posted by David Evans 3rd November, 2002

Araghh! confusing. What's going on?! It keeps on saying GAME OVER when I haven't done anything.:-/
Posted by Pete Nattress 3rd November, 2002

why host on geoshitties? you should have some space from your ISP, put your games up there. i'll tell you how to if you don't know.






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