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Review: Smilz Two
Author: Barney Boo
Added: 26/01/2003

This is a nice, classic platformer game, which can you keep you happy if you have a few minutes to spare.
A nice simple concept, jump onto the platforms, collect the coins, and try to avoid the evil red bouncing balls! I was quite bad at it, usually just diving into the enemies, but that's probably just me being bad, as Iím not exactly a Ďplatform personí. It adds a 'must beat this game!' dimension to it though, so it's not all bad. Maybe not a hugely original concept, but still made welcoming and fun to play with the cutesy graphics.

I love the graphics in this. Ok, so they're not revolutionary, but the cartoony colourful backdrops and characters made me feel nice and relaxed whilst playing the game. And that dazed expression on our heroic lead character is hilarious!

I was actually listening to some MP3s at the time, but I stopped them to get a taste for the music, which I must say sounded very dynamic and colourful, (please donít remind me that music doesnít have colours) fitting in with the rest of the game, but the sound effects (such as at the game over screen) sounded a little too much like it was ripped or from the libraries, and poor quality.

Overall, this is not an incredibly original game. To me, it wasnít too addictive but thatís mainly because I donít really play platformers that much. But the graphics are very nice and make the time you spend playing with it fun all the same. I didn't notice any bugs in the coding, but an alterable difficulty setting would be a good extra (faster/slower bouncing enemies perhaps?)

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