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Review: Space Blaster
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 25/11/2002

This game tried to change the screen mode, but my computer couldn't cope with it, so it decided to redraw three quarters of the desktop, draw a black border around it and stick the game on top of that. This is probably a unique problem, though, and I put it down to the uselessness of my graphics card.

I'm reminded of Zero Wing by playing this game, but it doesn't have the famous unintentionally humorous introduction, of course. The gameplay is pretty much what you would expect from a side-scrolling shooter - shoot, dodge, get another weapon, shoot some more. It's carried out well, though.

Weapons include the standard blaster, homing missiles and a laser. Health is collected by means of blue energy stars dotted around the play area, and weapon ammo can be kept up by collecting the red stars.

The levels are impressively long, but the major problem is the sheer amount of firepower that this game throws at you - fortunately, nothing by itself hurts you very much, but there's no chance of avoiding all the missiles that are fired on your humble ship, particularly on level 2. A game should be challenging, certainly, but skill should still be involved in getting past the levels.

The graphics are quite impressive - particularly the bosses. In my experience, large enemies are very difficult to draw, but the author manages it well. As for music and sound, both were reasonable, nothing to complain about here.

This game 'does exactly what it says on the tin', nothing more. It's definitely worth downloading for a quick blast, but may not last much longer than that.

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