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Review: Space Blaster
Author: Erik
Added: 25/11/2002

I like this game. It has all the good old feeling of Games like Gradius. I like the Retro feel.
The game has got some good simpel sprites. (we all know i like them by now)

Its the basic fly your ship from left to right and destroy everything in your path. With some cool updates to boost your ship. (lasers and missiles.)
I had some trouble with some of the updates like life and such. (flying into enemys thinking ohh blinking life thingey) But after figuring that out it was a simple game. It is good when wanting to waste a couple of minutes or even hours blasting stuff. Love the look of the enemys. Realy retro enemys to. Flying spiky things that kill you is always good. The music is good in a way that it doesnt get anoying. =
Sound is good to. Fills its purpose. And you can never get enough of giant bosses. (Big eyes included)

I didnt play it long enough to see later levels. But i hope there is some variation there. Straight line space levels can get booring. But i got a feel that this one has good stuff around the corner. (i might be wrong)

I hope there are more updates to. The laser was cool but i think that the missiles might have ben a tad to good.

The game has some great action in it with not to bad fx. Explotions are there and serves their purpose. But i think the esplosions are lib graphs. If they are thats bad.
But i hope their not. I hope more people try this game and review it. Because it is worth the download. (its not that big)
The game should remind almost everyone of that space shooter on the nokia cell phone. it is quite simmilar. I think that game has got a giant eye to. =

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