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Review: X-Racing v1.1
Author: Sigurd
Added: 04/02/2003

X racing is very similiar in style of play to GTA. Although it is done with the games factory the attempt to be simliar to it is done not to badly. Of course their are a few things that he added with a style of his own, for example you get to race in this game.

The gameplay is quite good with a nice feel to it and fun to play. There are parts of it which seem a bit silly, you cant drive on the grass, you have to stick to the road. Although, it is incredibly easy and it didn't take me long at all to pass. Hopefully, the next update will improve the difficulty.

The graphics are done in birds eye view(Like all games aiming to be like GTA.)In the first level it is a bit hard to see where you're going but after awhile you get used to driving in the dark. I quite liked the affect of the street lights which gave a spot of light in the darkness. Perhaps in the next update you could make one or two of them flicker.

The storyline was a bit odd with the orgainisation he's working for (DISC) Kicks him out of the group for what seems to be no apparent reason. Hopefully this will become apparent why in the next update. The guy also goes to apply for a job to blow stuff up, perhaps it was not supposed to be humerous but it brought a smile on my face.

The game is way to short but then in future updates it should have more things to do. I know it must be hard doing it, but you're not doing a too bad a job.

All in all X-Racing has the potential to be a great game and memorable to Klik community. Although in it's current state it has alot to be desired for. If you work hard at it should be great but if you dont it maybe ignored. Eitherway, I look forward to the final product.

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