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Review: X-Racing v1.1
Author: Zap{Zapdude Productions}
Added: 06/04/2003

Hello Everybody!,

X-racing sounded a bit suspicious but I was just browsing through the driving section and I found this well onto the reviewing!

The first level is ok, I lost on my first round cos I couldn't even see my car!!! any way I like the level lay out very good, but the turnings pesky I mean it slows you down then that other geezer takes over you! this is sheer madness!(as in annoying) but it's a great feeling, when I just about overtook him on the finishing line YIPEE! nice graphics mate.
Hey! that punk looks a bit like Fred Durst
<Zap grins>. Nice Programming there the tyres do really make a difference after you get given them the seconde mission is a bit driver style which is good, great stuff! the new engine makes a slight change in speed but not much I'd say. The controlling when you get out of the car on the third mission is terrible he slides around, too add more tension I would suggest adding time to that level. hmm now i'm starrting to liek this realistic conversation try and pictures to make the gamer more interested. Ok now i'm taking to an employer who is not in the slightist bit worried about giving criminalistic jobs......Lovin this good stuff.
Lovely the plot is ufolding and there's dug-smuggling very GTA and driver mixed up good great!
keeps me interested.... Noooooooooo it's to be continued!!!

{Zapdude Productions} under construction
(desperately searching for an artist/drawer only)

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