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X-Racing v1.1
Author: Jeff Submitted: 1st February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Drive 'Em Up Downloads: 148

Okay, in this new revised update of X-Racing, I have changed some things. The pixellated "blob" in the intro is gone, I changed some of the wording, there is now an arrow to tell you where to go... you can't go on that one large building and go down it... you can not go off of the screen...
Wong Chong Bang (or whatever your name is) I hope you like the new version
Next update I hope to improve the graphics and add more to the game...

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Posted by Jeff 4th February, 2003

Reviews like Sigurd's are the ones that keep me going ;)
Posted by Sigurd 4th February, 2003

Why thank you I'm very touched. Anyway keep up the great work and I'll await the next update.
Posted by Lloyd Harvey 3rd July, 2003

Tips: Text skipping, grass slowdown instead of stop, better roads Other than that it has a future to be less than medioca





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