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Review: Baddie Burning Bonaza
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 19/03/2003

The first thing I noticed about this game is that is rather impolitely attempted to switch my monitor to 640 by 480. My screen wasn't having any of it, however, and instead decided to display everything with a black border around it, with the result I'm typing this text in half a window and I'm unable to see anything on the right hand side or scroll around at all. Such is life.

But enough of this banter. Is the game any good? Let's not rush in to that. The title screen is well presented, and the logo produced a weird optical illusion - it appeared that my monitor was slowly elongating itself. Still, that could be just because I spend too much time on the Internet. The choice of the System font on the menu isn't a good one, it makes the game look less professional if you ask me. The story appears to have been generated by giving a computer a list of random words, getting it to scramble them together and print out a result, and of course it takes second place to the action.

The objective is to rampage around the level with a flamethrower burning enemies and then booting them off the screen. Sounds good, doesn't it? And indeed it is. You're accompanied by various sound effects and music from Nintendo, as credited on the title screen, though I have to admit I don't recognise this soundtrack. Level 1's music could have been from Final Fantasy 6, but there's no way for me to tell, really.

Most Click games you'd expect to start off well and the deteriorate during later levels as the author runs out of ideas. Conversely, this game starts off very slowly with a couple of simple, boring stages, and then improves later on as more puzzley elements are introduced (including some sliding blocks lifted straight out of IronBoot PuzzleTron). New abilities are also added.

Even if the gameplay's simple, it does improve and it's a very well programmed game - enough to keep your attention till the end. So, once again: Classic, Ashman.

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