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Review: Baddie Burning Bonaza
Author: Zap{Zapdude Productions}
Added: 06/04/2003


I was inspired a little by the title at first "baddie burning bonanza" go me thinking strange person.. Anyways I like the menu screen very good, nice fiery effect good logo too. I don't like that system font you used looks to crappy especially with the whitish background you've put on it, it looks bad, maybe use arial black?
I like the storyline very weird but with a touch of humour, (that guys dad must be crazy if he goes around torching newspaper thiefs). I aslo really like the bloke with the flamethrower (very realistic!) you have put on the story. I can't comment much on the music seeing as it's done by nintendo
First level looks very simple, like the coloured blocks, I see that you have also bothered to change the blocks, later through the game. I like the introducement of the blocks which you push on the switches. I think the jump strength is just a little to high though, and it can be annoying in some places. I like the concept of unlocking the bomb dropping manouvere, I like the foliage stage although I was little puzzled. Oh I forget to mention I really think you need to change that password screen it can be a bit annoying sometimes pressing all them damn keys on your keyboard then pressing up and down. That's very cheesy and annoying man! I also think you should change a storyline ( thats a maybe

{Zapdude Productions}
(currently in need of an artist.

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