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Baddie Burning Bonaza
Author: Ashman Submitted: 18th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 295

Edited By Ashman on 3/18/2003

An evil wizard is on the loose. His powerless brother can only watch as he begins summoning dark forces to take over the Earth. Who ya gonna call?

Barry, a teenage flame happy warrior chosen to save the world.

In depth versions of the story and controls can be found in the menu. This game includes 6 worlds.

W1 = Ways of the flame
W2 = Fire and Foliage
W3 = Pyro Peaks
W4 = Piping Hot Pipes
W5 = Scalding Skies
W6 = Fortress of Flame

Each one of these worlds has 4 levels and a boss. Plus the final boss, this equals THIRTY ONE levels of fun and firey adventure.

After each boss you acquire a new technique. The controls of each are explained as you acquire them.

For the credits enter this password -

For an enemy list if you are struggling for weaknesses -

This game was inspired by Wacky Welder. Special Thanks to Jason Orme...even though I didn't like Wacky Welder...which is actually why I made this...heheheh.

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Posted by Ashman 18th March, 2003

Beware : Enemies will not fry instantly you must keep the flames on them to diminish their health.
Posted by TomH 18th March, 2003

Thats better Ash. BTW get ICQ so we can talk now
Posted by Ashman 18th March, 2003

Why would you want to talk to little old me?
Posted by TomH 18th March, 2003

:D Its on the front page, stop making diff games and finish KK.
Posted by Ashman 18th March, 2003

KK is extremely dull to make due to the excess of sprites and animating that I need to do. Thanks to very little effort from the rest of the participants. So it is coming slowly.....very slowly. I need to work on other games so I don't become so bored with it, I actually quit. Which would be bad.
Posted by TomH 18th March, 2003

How do you enter passwords?
Posted by Ashman 18th March, 2003

Press 1 to select the first digit, and press Up and Down to alter it. Then press 2 to select the second, and 3 to select the third, 4 to select the fourth, and 5 to select the fifth. I know, it's a crappy engine.
Posted by TomH 18th March, 2003

why didnt you mention that in the desc?
Posted by pr0 18th March, 2003

haha this game is hilarious good job!
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 18th March, 2003

Downloading.. Ashman i could try and make some sprites(im not to great), i have a few Projects im working on but ill se what i can do.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 18th March, 2003

A decent game, but the gameplay is pretty predictable and the game isn't all that grasping, in my opinion anyway.
Posted by Ashman 19th March, 2003

Yeah the earlier levels are a bit dull. Worlds 4 and 5 are fun though. Good Luck getting to them! :D
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 19th March, 2003

I thought I'd been mentioned again for a minute. But in this case, "Wong"'s wrong. Reviewed.
Posted by Jason Orme 19th March, 2003

Hehe, Cool, Inspired by Me :D I actully forgot about this, I will download it now.
Posted by Jason Orme 19th March, 2003

YAH! its cool, I like it. I managed to get to World 2 level 1
Posted by Ashman 19th March, 2003

LOL Well Done Jason. Thanks for the review Wong!
Posted by Jason Orme 19th March, 2003

Ahhh! I'm Addicted! Carnt stop, Must Burn!
Posted by matrixkitty 19th March, 2003

It skips the password screen.. I can c the screen 4 about 2 seconds the it sez stage 1 THE way of the flame or something like that please help
Posted by matrixkitty 19th March, 2003

no music either
Posted by Ashman 19th March, 2003

Yes there is. I asked around, it works for other people. There must be something whacked out with your midi player.
Posted by Jason Orme 20th March, 2003

wait, the in level Midis didnt work for me either.
Posted by Muggus 20th March, 2003

Cool! You've made it! Rock on!!! I'll download it when I have time to play it Ash :p Like on the weekend...and ya never know, i may add my 2 cents in a review type thing!
Posted by Finnwolf 20th March, 2003

GG. ;)
Posted by matrixkitty 20th March, 2003

whaat about the password screen it skips it?
Posted by Ashman 20th March, 2003

Just tap ENTER when you go through the menu. You have to press ENTER to leave the password screen and it may be counting the one key stroke on both screens.. I would have fixed that, but it never happened to me.
Posted by matrixkitty 20th March, 2003

nope that didnt work either...
Posted by Jason Orme 21st March, 2003

that did infact happen to me too. It just skipped it, you could see it for like 2 seconds and then it went.
Posted by Nico 21st March, 2003

This game is great, it's one of the only good games that works at a good speed on my other crappy computer. Well done Ashman!
Posted by Thomas Allum 23rd March, 2003

I never got the bomb controls after world 1 and didn't get the password either
Posted by Ashman 27th March, 2003

You were probably pressing a key! It happens and is a bitch I know. All things I will improve on in my next game ;)!
Posted by The Chris Street 28th March, 2003

This is excellent. Reminds me a bit of Zone Runner ;)
Posted by The Chris Street 1st April, 2003

Hmm. The midis work, but they are all placed in c:/windows for some stupid reason. I deleted them.
Posted by Kaine 9th April, 2003

lol ashman your so kind to give away midis lol





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