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Review: Law Enforcement 2020
Author: Dark One Entertainment
Added: 19/03/2003

Well people this is my first review but I will try to write the best one I can. First off, this game rocks ass. I suggest you download it right away, I mean the graphics are sweet, you will play this game over and over(I did ). It may be 7.29 mb but what the hell it is worth it, if you haven't played it you don't know what your missing out on. This game had pretty good presentation(if I understand it properally if I don't :S). The gameplay is easy to learn and easy to get hooked on. The graphics are A++ they are better than anything I have ever seen(even though if it had shitty graphics I still would have recommended it)! The sound and music are sweet, they are completely perfect for the game, I hope their will be more game by Mr. Livingstone. Like I said before you will play this game over and over again(I recommend being the terrorists they are the bomb lol.) Overall I would give this game a 9.2 but you can't vote inbetween so I give it overall a 9. But believe me gaming doesn't get much better than this. Ah, I have nothing else to say about this game but I need to put 1500 characters, but they say a picture is only worth 1000 words(I don't know if that includes games they include millions of people but I'm not about to describe the entire game to you.) To finish of t he last characters I will say, "Ian I hope you make a lot more games that we all can play and enjoy, I am sure that many people love your games, I know I do." Well that is all I can say, and I did make it past 1500 characters. Well people, DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! YOU WON"T REGRET!

Bye for now!

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