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Law Enforcement 2020
Author: Ian M. Phoenix Submitted: 18th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 373

Edited By Ian Livingstone on 3/19/2003

In LE2020, two players play as either law enforcement or terrorists. There are 8 game types ranging from capture the flag to hostages, 25 structures to build including tanks, helicopters, troops and caltrops.

Just about anything in the game is customizable and everything in the game is destroyable.


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Posted by HOSJ 18th March, 2003

judging by the screens... it looks *SWEET*. downloading. :D
Posted by Sigurd 18th March, 2003

Hey looks very cool. Downloading
Posted by FusionDogg 18th March, 2003

Looks daaayyaaammmn... sweet
Posted by ClownLove 18th March, 2003

Holy fudge, this looks mad as hell, i would love to play this... but ergh.. 10 megs, ummm
Posted by ClownLove 18th March, 2003

Ahh screw it, I'll download
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 18th March, 2003

Good choice Clown, :D
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 18th March, 2003

Any feedback would be great, but before you say "This game sucks!" make sure you read all the instructions before playing a few test games to get a feel for it. This is a pretty advanced game as far as Klik games go.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 19th March, 2003

this looks very promising dam if only I wish I had broadband at home
Posted by The New SnS 19th March, 2003

ur server is sllooowwwww! i got cable and its only going at 48k.., oh well, looookss SWEET!!! :)
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 19th March, 2003

Sometime I'll need to get a faster server for downloads, but the 10 megabytes were chewed up mostly by the detailed levels and the MP3 music.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 19th March, 2003

Okay, I managed to compress the music so the game is 1/4 the file size. And I updated the screen shots too.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 19th March, 2003

1/4 less than the old file size I mean... :)
Posted by Assault Andy 19th March, 2003

Posted by Mike [Gamica] 1st April, 2003

Looks good Graphics are a bit small for me... but some people just like small graphics. Downloading now!
Posted by @tomic 9th April, 2003

I'M DOWNLOADING It's seems great.
Posted by @tomic 10th April, 2003

i've already play it. It's incredible. How can you make this games? I wish you could teach me. Please, please, do more. And, if it's possible, make more bad games, you get me sad.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 11th April, 2003

XD Well I'm glad you liked it @tomic, but as far as making bad games I'm not sure I'm gonna do that, this was just one of my lesser projects.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 14th May, 2003

Hehe, ya think? XD
Posted by NUKER 12th October, 2003

lokk totaly COOL!!!!!downloading.....
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 7th April, 2004

link don't work already and did "save target as" thing.
Posted by cccc 27th April, 2004

yeah link is NOT workin' ! do somebody know other mirror?
Posted by james lee 4th June, 2004

link not working
Posted by mad1410 20th February, 2005

the linkis broken
Posted by Hansarsch 18th August, 2007

Link is broken!
Is there someone who has the game?
Please send me a mail i want to play the game
sorry for my bad english i am german
Posted by Assault Andy 27th March, 2008

I have it, email me if you need it.
Posted by Ian Phoenix 20th August, 2008

I reuploaded this game to my new site. You can now get it here:






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