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Review: Dany Golf 1.0
Author: Weston L
Added: 23/03/2003

Dany Golf is THE best mini-golf game made with clickteam products I have played yet. It has ten holes and the difficulty of the holes progress as you go, just like in real mini-golf. The game features music and sounds, not only the sound of your shot, but also the audience cheers you on. Haha. The audience even cheers you on the most if you have a hole-in-one, a little less if you have a hole-in-two, etc. They even boo if you are on your last shot. The scoring system is unique, but I think its even better than real mini-golf scoring.
The game looks very professional and has no bugs or errors that I have found. The help file seems to be translated, so there are a few word missconceptions, but it is still one-hundred percent understandable.
The gameplay is great and is not very repetitive, however the music can be, but thats a different story. The game is actually a bit difficult, but that is very good because that way you keep coming back to play it. I'd say the mounds on the course ar the most difficult, but just like in real life, mounds are the hardest part about the course usually. Graphics are excellent (and original, I think)!
You should most definetly download this game.

- Not too easy
- The usic and sounds are good
- Very professional looking
- Very nice original graphics
- Ten holes
- Bug and error free
- Unprotected game file
- Music can get repetitive
- A course editor would be nice
- The mounds are difficult to overcome, although they are a key element to mini-golf.

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