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Review: Dany Golf 1.0
Author: Pioupiou
Added: 05/06/2002

Woaw ! this game is really fun !
lets go for a detailled review :

*Gameplay :

Well the game is playable, you only use your mouse, it is really easy. I personnally find it can be sometimes hard to adjust the power of the shot, but after 5 min you'll get used with it.
I give 7 star to gameplay !

*Presentation :

There is really nice 3d rendered graphics, with some nice pictures. A great work has been done on graphism. I really love them.
(well maybe 10 is too much considerating there is not many pics (10 holes), but IMHO it really woth 10 stars.)

*Lastabilty :

That's for sure, you won't play it for hours and hours...
But this is a golf game not a rpg ! Some holes are quite hard, some you iwll be busy for quite a while if you want to finish it. And after finishing it once, you will play it again, from time to times, coz this game is really fun.
6 stars, it is very good for a golf game.

Overall :

Well i had fun with this game, it very well programmed, has excellents graphisms, nice gameplay (a nice musik too )...
I don't see any flow in this game.
I will vote for it has a gotw, and i give 8 stars to the game.


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