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Review: Dany Golf 1.0
Author: Max
Added: 05/06/2002

Mini golf madness beware!! (Sorry, this text line was plain stupid) This game is pretty nice at many places, but lacks seriously in on.


The game graphics are excellent and the holes are nicely rendered. You even get to check out the whole course in the menu before playing! The little jiggly music between holes gets a bit annoying after a while, though. Pretty nice work overall around, though.


Yeow, here's the problems core in the game. The shooting system of the game is pretty nice and pratical (you don't even need the keyboard to play this game), but the ball physics are a bit wretched at times. Sometimes the ball bounces off the walls but goes in the totally wrong direction, which is irritating. The game do not consider the inclined walls too, so you cannot use them at your advantage to make some great shots. Slopes are also a pain to navigate, and you'll usually spend all your remaining shots trying to put the ball in the hole, as it's incredibly hard to find the correct strength to hit the ball.

In some holes, you need to make the ball travel through hole tunnels. When it enters the hole and travels to the other, the ball keeps heading in the same direction, and if it hits a wall and enters the hole again, you'll return to your starting hole again. It is funny when the ball keeps entering/exiting the holes endlessly however.

"Sure, there's many bugs and stuff with the ball, but whatever, the holes in the game are surely fun to play, even if I take 10 shots to put the ball in the hole!" you might be thinking. Unfortunately, the game's designed to an extent where missing too much shots result in the game being over. Unlike the usual mini-golf game, the fewer shots it takes to net the ball in the holes, the more points you get. A hole-in one gets you 10 points, then each shot after that one lowers it to 5...3...2...1...0. If you still can't make it after these shots, you need to get the ball in the hole with the next shot at all costs, otherwise you lose the game. It is incredibly frustrating to lose just because of the bugs mentionned above.


You shall be occupied for a while if you want to finish every single hole of the game, but the bugs and nasty ball physics may turn off some players before they can accomplish that, however.


Dany Golf is a cool looking mini-golf game, but lacks in the gameplay section due to undevelopped game design and frustrating ball physics. It looks good, but looks isn't enough to make this game a winner. If the bugs are sorted out, this game will be an awesome one. More courses would be cool, too.


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