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Review: Ultima Warrior Demo
Author: Eric
Added: 23/05/2003

I download the game, install it, right when I play it I am reminded of a megaman game. There is a story about some guy named strum who is killing off everybody, at least thats what I made from the story. And you are an Ultima Warrior name "Z" who looks strangely like megaman. You get dropped into Strums fortress and must save the day.

Presentation: The presentation is fair, more time could have been put into the menu's and such but I have seen much worse then this so I will stop complaining.

Gameplay: The gameplay is also somewhat similar to megamans, you shoot enemies that get in your way and try to avoid spikes that kill you when you land on them. There are all sorts of ladders that you can climb at an absurd speed. One of the things that irritated me its the height at which he jumped, which was really quite low. I know its probubly part of the game that he jumps so low but it irritates me. Also the whole level seem cluttered I couldnt figure out anything to do.

Graphics: Play the game megaman for super nintendo or sega and thats pretty much how they are for this game. Only the graphics are all hectic in this game. Things are flying everywhich way, fire is everywhere, which doesn't seem to hurt you, the life meter overlaps you and is too big.

Sounds and Music: This is the part of the review I hate, I have nothing ever to say about music or sound. This does have sound and music but its nothing great, usually I just give it higher points if it goes with the game if they even have music.

Lastability: The lastability is poor, since its only demo that is. You can only get so far and its not the type of open ended gameplay but more of an adventure game with one road you can take. When the full version comes out, some of the things should be fixed so it can be more enjoyable.

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