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Review: Ultima Warrior Demo
Author: Klikreview (Heretic Emu Studios)
Added: 15/10/2003

Two word review: Terrible. Awesome!

Need help understanding that two word review? Its easy to explain. This game is one of the worst games I've played in a while, and it's also one of the best. It kind of falls into that "so bad its good category", but in a genuinly fun way.

For instance, of lord, the play control. Your little space man can only barely jump his body height, he also has rapid fire jumping turned on, he also moves WAY too fast to feel secure with your controls. But what do you get from all of these flaws? Chaos that's great fun! I was having a blast trying to just keep control of my character, jumping, blasting, always in a state of total panic and disarray. Thankfully you get a generous amount of life.

The levels are well made and fun. Enemies are small, but there are plenty and they are fun to blast apart. It has a good mega man feel to it. There are things to avoid around every corner, flying enemies, bullets, FIRE on the ground, lazer force fields. But it's fun to play.

The screen is tiny, thats really one of the only seriously bad things about this game. If someone could open it up in MMF and just export it from there so that it could go fullscreen, this game would double its fun factor. Right now, the chaos is fun, but the tiny screen almost puts it over the edge and into the trashbin.

Good points:
-cool graphics
-fun levels design
-nice weapons
-neat enemies

Bad points:
-tiny screen
-bad platform movement
-fire aplenty

But at the very least this game demonstrates that after Spiderhead makes a few more games, they are going to be great ones. There is a lot of creativity at work in that head.

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