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Ultima Warrior Demo
Author: Blackgaze Submitted: 18th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 116

after a week of waiting it is now out! Ultima Warrior DEMO.
But sadly i didn't put the level editer in but in the full version I try again and put it in. Ultima Warrior Demo: includes training, password, intro, first stage, 1st boss + Extras at end.

It be a while until full version is completed so try this game out until i have finished. If you want info about UW go to:

If you have anythink to say about the game please reply back here:

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Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 18th May, 2003

Wow!!! Looks very cool! Downloading...
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 18th May, 2003

its cool! but you need to work on the walking animation because it looks like he is side walking only. And the jump is too low you must make the jump higher. That is all my suggestions,(no bugs!i think). Thanks for putting your time into it.
Posted by Eric 18th May, 2003

Looks rather interesting, might just review, lately I have been wanting to write reviews.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 19th May, 2003

Crop your screenshots.
Posted by Blackgaze 19th May, 2003

ok, next time i crop them. i change walking animation but i might make the jump a little bit higher (this is like my mega man game and mega man doesn't jump 2 high) check the website out in links for more info
Posted by Blackgaze 19th May, 2003

like the install progarm with it? lol
Posted by Blackgaze 19th May, 2003

i will not change the walking animation now, im not good at animation, the rest im good at.
Posted by Blackgaze 19th May, 2003

im creating level 2 (the desert) and just made a CRAB robot which are pain because they are small.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 19th May, 2003

Good game, but work on the platform movement, because alot of cheap deaths come from using the quick, short jumps. Also I would recommend making some powerups, or something of that sort or this game will end up like Fishhead, too simple and repeditive.
Posted by Blackgaze 20th May, 2003

in the full version i have increased the jump, smokle from fires. The full version has power ups for example in level 2 you have a charge up. i liked fishhead game, good graphics and gameplay but less powerups. this game will have power ups and new weapons, talk about fishhead i need to download fishhead 1 now
Posted by Blackgaze 20th May, 2003

could some1 review this so i can change mistakes
Posted by Blackgaze 21st May, 2003

i update website now
Posted by Aceproductions 25th May, 2003

Cool game, if found one bug... Sometimes when im trying to jump up at a plattform the character begins to fly (wierd) and i cant stop it... But it's a great game!
Posted by Blackgaze 26th May, 2003

there this is a MAJOR problem, i cant figure it out (i hate this problem on my other game called RATICA where u played as a right) Fishhead said to me it was somethink about hotspots/actionspots but i dont know why, i might give up full version of UW, its megaman, 2 much megaman stuff
Posted by RPG4Lif3 15th October, 2003

kinda cool, small screen tho





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