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Review: Gustav : 72 Hours
Author: underjoyed
Added: 06/08/2003

Let me start off saying Gustav Is great looking game and I belive the authors could really make some great professional games(or have, I just don't know about them)...anyways, thumbs up to the authors.

and now to Commence with the review...

Gustav presents itself as a commercial game, with a nice looking title menu. One problem I have is, I don't like the small screen, but its fine... I give the presentation an 8/10.

This game has some truly awsome professional looking graphics, I was amazed the game was built in only 72 hours. I give the graphics a 10/10...that score is a bit high I know but Gustav sports some really cool graphics.

hmm...the gameplay is pretty plain with A.I'less enemies, one small level, no collectable items and no excitement...then again it was made in a short time limit...I would have to give this game a 5/10 on gameplay.

...again nothing too special here, some limited sound effects and one song for all the frames, but the song goes good with the game. I give the sound and music a 6/10.

Well considering how short the game is, it wouldn't make for a good game to replay. Allthough I suppose you could replay it a few times to beat your score or to check out the stage...I give the lastability about a 2/10.

Overall I would say this is a pretty nice little game and If the authors decided to continue and work on this game it would rock...


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