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Gustav : 72 Hours
Author: Blake Submitted: 5th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 398

Edited By Blake[n] on 8/5/2003

Edited By Rikus on 8/5/2003

This mini game was made in 72 Hours for the 72 Hours of Pixelation contest, by Krut, Delgneigth, who were drawing, and I. It came along some troubles and a lot of rushing/cutting corners at the end, but it is still an enjoyable game for a quick action.

You play as Gustav, a troubled mental patient escaping from the mental hospital that he has been locked in for 15 years. He only has a short amount of time to get out, before the hospital explodes. He must reach the top of the tower to escape. Fill up his power bar (in blue) by killing monsters quickly. When his power bar is filled up, time will be frozen for a short moment. Use this to your advantage to kill more enemies and escape the level with a larger time bonus.

Cursor Keys control moving left, right, up and down.
Jump: Z key
Run: X key
Slash: C key

Controls can be changed on the Options menu.

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Posted by Strife 5th August, 2003

Cool! This a superbly made game. And it only took you 72 hours to make it?? Whoa... ;)
Posted by Klikmaster 5th August, 2003

72 hours is good for a game of this quality. Well done! :)
Posted by Fabian Jansen 5th August, 2003

Posted by Zip2kx 5th August, 2003

really great, and + for a swedish name :)
Posted by Sly 5th August, 2003

You made this in 71 hours. You must have had atleast 1 hours sleep. ;) Good for a short minigame.
Posted by ChrisB 5th August, 2003

Yes, this is good for a short minigame. Nice graphics, too, but it helps when you have two other people to make them ;)
Posted by Blake 5th August, 2003

Yeah, well we were all really slack on making it until the end, when the deadline finally seemed real.
Posted by Paul_James 5th August, 2003

its a good game, although i dont like the fact it takes so long to jump after jumping.
Posted by CYS 6th August, 2003

it's great!
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 6th August, 2003

A Swedish game, ey? COOL! Sweden rocks!!! ... *not* But thatīs where i live.. =(
Posted by Adde 6th August, 2003

This game rocks! It looks exactly like an old classic Nes Game, !!!
Posted by Klikmaster 6th August, 2003

Yay! I'm 5th on the scoreboard! ^_^ How come blood comes out of the ghosts when you hit a little guy?
Posted by Blackgaze 6th August, 2003

this is good, very good but the thing i didn't like was the first monsters. They are ghosts but they look a little odd to me
Posted by Pixalatio 6th August, 2003

I like it but i think more levels could have been a posible :S well done with the graphics :D:D:D
Posted by John 7th August, 2003

Very Nice :)
Posted by MonkeySkullZ 7th August, 2003

great game man, even though it was a lil short...
Posted by Simon Colmer 8th August, 2003

wooooohoooooo bril game
Posted by NightShade 9th August, 2003

This is pretty cool as it is, but if it were made into a full game with multiple levels it would be incredible.
Posted by Jamesbuc 27th August, 2003

oops double review sorry :)
Posted by ChrisB 27th August, 2003

What I don't get is if you never gave a score higher than 7, how can you give it 8/10 overall? :P Go to your User Admin page and delete the review.
Posted by Pete Nattress 29th August, 2003

it's not brilliant... why so many thumbs up?
Posted by Tom 11th October, 2003

Posted by Blackgaze 13th October, 2003

ditto ditto
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 26th October, 2003

Posted by Jamesbuc 11th May, 2004

Who cares about me giving it 8/10 I sure dont :)
Posted by Overlord 18th June, 2004

You have some definite talent. I'd like to see a game with this much effort put into it (a full game that is). Fun for a mini-game.





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