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Review: Gustav : 72 Hours
Author: Jamesbuc
Added: 27/08/2003

Gustav Gustav Gustav no I cannot seem to find any game/s that it copys off so 1 point for being original now....

Gustav is a game where you play as a mental pateint locked up in a hospial for 15 years? but what I dont get is...

1- Is Gustav the name of the hospital or the player?

2- If the exit is so easy to find how come he didnt escape sooner?

3- Who on earth would plant a bomb in the broken down hospital????

4- And how on earth did ghosts and monsters turn up there?

anyway on with the review

Presentation- a bit scratchy in some places yet good never the less (it reminds me of bannanarama for some odd reason?)

Gameplay-Very impressive but for me the controls are not easy to find if you have not read everything so it can get good then annoying but its very good considering this was made in less than a week athought I did spot a bug where I could walk though the spikes? odd

Graphics-????????? well just see presentation]

sound and music-GRRRRRR I hate it its awful just leave me alone (thats why I turn the music off when playing sorry but its just awful)

Lastability-Not much here because there is only one level with one objective and one play seems to be it so next time make it harder so us expert gamers can get a challenge O.K?

Overall-as you play it you think its good then awful then exellent then when its finished theres just nothing to go back to it for so im afraid you will probably finish this in about 1 hour let alone 1 day sorry but it just needs to be bigger to compete with the big boys.

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