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Review: The Mystery of the Three Moons
Author: Metal Maiden
Added: 09/09/2003

Wassup everyone? I hate seeing poor games that people put time into be lefty alone with no attention, so I thought I should review this game!
Let's go!

The Mystery of the Three Moons starts pretty abruptly. All a sudden this dude turns into a bag, and this Hindu guy says that if he brings Three Moons (?) then he'll turn back to normal. Well, I never played the game this was based off of, so if there's some background behind this, a little info might be good, ciz it sounds kinda wack to me..

This is a very clean platform game, I must say. Well, the stage layout begins rather nicely, adding varying difficulty after each sub stage. The controls, however, begin to turn me off as the cheap levels are thrown in your direction. Particularly, one water-themed stage had me replaying several times because Mr.Bag's deceleration caused him to suddenly slip off platforms he landed on.

Uh-oh guys! Ripped graphics!! To be honest, I could care less. Everytime I tried to make a game with ripped graphics, I lost interest quickly. They are a bit simple for graphics, but they are from an old game, so you can't be too picky. I hold a gruge against the character due to the fact he look almost exactly alike all the treasture bags littered in the stages. Simple graphics, but they get the job done.

Sound and Music
There seems to be no samples whatsoever, and the fact that the music stops after the first stage in each section, it quickly becomes a quiet game. The music that you do hear fits the game, but only for the few seconds you hear it.

The game seems to offer nothing really worth your time to want to come back to, maybe that is, unless your feeling nostalgic like the creator hopes.

This game just seems like it was never played through by any kind of testers whatsoever, which makes it a bore to play. If you were to re-release it with the problems listed above fixed, I'm sure it could take all the promise it trys to promote and become an enjoyable game. Have fun!

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