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Review: Geezard Kombat
Author: Cybermaze
Added: 03/03/2004

Where should I begin? Perhaps by telling what its all about. Theres a granny and a grandpa ... and they fight against each other in a "Mortal Kombat" style. Only the two characters and only one place to fight (by the see). This is not ment to be taken serious though, its clearly a spoof.

Lets talk about presentation. First a logo to introduce the author. Nothing major, but its not the worst seen either. Then a title screen with granny, grandpa, the name and a wheelchair icon (large icon). The graphics have been seen worse but surely also better.

Gameplay. There are two character each with 3 attacks and one scene to battle in. That makes for a rather limited game. As they are old, no jumping is allowed either. Overall it makes a quite limited experience.

Graphics. It seems like oversized library graphics are used to the grandpa and grandma. However the library graphics have been altered. Grandpa has a hat a stick (sorry could not come up with a better word and have no dictionary here)and thats about it. Grandma got boobs as long as the Titanic ... well almost. They are therefore a part of her weaponry. I said altered. But sadly enough the work is not too thorough. Some parts of the character is quite mosaic like, other parts (the altered) more finegrained however it does not fit very well. The same could be said about the rest of the graphics, more library and a bit homemade, but too many different styles to make a good impression. One good thing however is the animations. They are pretty good.

Sound and music. As it is a spoof on Mortal Kombat as well as old people, the attacks grandpa makes are accompanied by fart sounds. Not the best sounds, but not really bad. The title has a Mortal Kombat midi, and the battlescene another midi "When Im 64". Overall nothing bad here at all.

Lastability. Some may say. How can this slapstick fart humor be any fun? Well, it is preference from person to person. Allthough Im more than 20 I still find it amusing (I think the same about Monty Python, Rowan Atkinson and others) so it may not be so strange. If you dont find this funny dont play the game. It is not for you then. If you find it funny, the game is actually worth playing again and again.

Overall this is a game you should only play if you like the humor in it. If not, theres nothing for you to do. If you like the humor however, it is a pretty good game. The humor makes up for the lack of features, graphics and the small errors there is. You may not play 10 hours a day, but it will surely be a game you want to return to from time to time to have a good laugh.

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