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Geezard Kombat
Author: PNME 2 Submitted: 1st March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 231

Edited By Dr. Bo on 10/24/2005

Edited By Dr. Bo on 7/7/2004

Edited By Dr. Bo on 3/3/2004

This game is a hillarious one level two player Mortal Kombat spoof. It's great to just waste time with or even to play by yourself and discover some of the few secrets or you can even get good at it and chalenge your friends. Nearly everbody I know that's played this game thinks it's hillarious and it is, this is a must download. The characters in the game are old "Geezards", 1st player is an old man with a cane and 2nd is an old woman with saggy boobs. Anyway it's funny as hell so check it out (Note: made with Klik n' Play and if you have a really slow or junky computer it may run slow...but it's still worth it! Also the file to download is a self-extracting zip file which extracts the setup files into a folder on your computer and then from there you can run the setup program, I did this because the setup installs all necesarry files needed to play my KnP games and this is 1 of 2 double installer downloads I have, the other is X-Files)


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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 2nd March, 2004

Reviewed... Trying to be polite about this, it's obvious you're a beginner. Keep trying.
Posted by Mingy Jongo 2nd March, 2004

The only thing good about this game is the Beatles song.
Posted by vortex2 2nd March, 2004

a DOUBLE installer :S
Posted by X_Sheep 3rd March, 2004

"Nearly everbody I know that's played this game thinks it's hillarious" Maybe that's just because you made it.
Posted by vortex2 3rd March, 2004

I agree, I could look past the really lame humor if the game itself acually worked, the shooting of the "fart" isnt in the direction of the player, but rather in a fixed direction :S. The Graphics are altered rips, and they are crudely animated to say the least. The game doesnt have multiple players to choose from only Grandpa and Grandma and that alone makes it last 2 seconds. The basic part of the game, the fighting doesnt even work that well! sometimes the hit isnt even registered for no reason :S. This game sucks.
Posted by X_Sheep 4th March, 2004

"why are you still using KNP? You can get free serial numbers for TGF everywhere..." PIRATE ALERT!!!!! :O
Posted by Deviant 4th March, 2004

Hey Dr.Bo! don't let bad comment get you! they are only doing that cause they don't have the ability of being nice (just ignore them). Anyways keep it up! This game has a lot of good potential! I know you will become a excellent game maker if you keep trying! :)
Posted by vortex2 6th March, 2004

Yes that must be it Deviant, all of us must be wrong, after all how could THIS game be bad?
Posted by PNME 2 6th March, 2004

It's supposed to be bad! That makes it funnier (in some peoples opinions, depends on what you prefer)! Read the reviews before downloading, preferably the second review for this game, not because it's a better review than the first but because it explains the game much better and it will help you decide on whether or not you want to download it but even the first one explains it fairly well, it just depends on what you think is funny!
Posted by X_Sheep 7th March, 2004

Er... if you say it's supposed to be bad then why do you say "this is a must download"?
Posted by vortex2 7th March, 2004

Why does everyone think its cool to create crappy "humor" games.. It can be funny and still be programmed well and fun to play! I think you are just using "It's supposed to be bad!" as an excuse but heh prove me wrong ^_^.






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