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Review: Plasticpig Street Racer
Author: AndyUK
Added: 30/05/2004

Well, the game starts with two logos which looks fairly professional and come with their own jingle. At this point i though this game may turn out pretty good!.
Then came the title screen it looked alright with a digitised picture of a grinning pig and one of the cars (reliant robins) driving randomly about the screen.
There are four options;
play game
best time (mine is 21 seconds)
All good but i think of credits as pointless additions to games how many people could have worked on a small freeware game?

I chose 'play game' first as you do and came to a car selection screen. There are 5 cars to choose in this game but the only difference as far as i could tell is the colour of the paintwork and a number on the roof.
Choosing your car takes you straight to the race (yes there is only one track to choose from).
As the car on the title screen suggests you play this game from a top down view but the track is fairly large so you cant see it all.
The game plays like the 2d micro machines games that you may have played and it does it quite well i didnt find any bugs playing the game although i have only played it about three times in total but have improved a lot each time.
It seems to use the built in 360% car movement that comes with multimedia fusion, this causes the car to never decelerate when letting go of the accelerator and stopping instantly when hitting a tire.

The graphics a quite nice, They are also quite basic. The only things you will see in the main game is the car the track and millions of tires well mabye a few trees. Well it it hard to make a race course look great because they arent picturesque landscapes themselves. What else then? the pig looks funky and the logos are pretty good too.

Sound and music:
What the heck is the music all about? Well you can tell that the game isnt going to take itself seriously from the title screen and the music in the race itself in the craziest load of, er sound ever.
They arent bad but they arent brilliant or even that good, but then its not supposed to be, i think.

Since i written WAY more than i need i will just say that this game is good for a quick blast but you will probably get bored after a while, Infact you may even find yourself listening to the crazy music by itself a few times more than you play the game.

Goodish but very limited racing game using the built in racing engine well and some wierd music.

Sound and Music:

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