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Review: Plasticpig Street Racer
Author: Max
Added: 02/06/2004

Drive your plastic pig!! Yes you can!! You're a bastard! Oh wait, I have a review to write here, not the lyrics of the game's music. All right, here it goes...

Presentation and graphics

The game's presentation is pretty decent. You get nice looking logo screens, a rather awkward looking menu which still is easy to use and the other screens are well used. Graphics are a little bit on the bland side and could be more interesting, but the graphics do stand well on their own.


This is a rather sub-standard racing game. You only have one single track to race on and there's no opponents to challenge so it's pretty much a simple time trial event in which you try having the best lap time within the three laps of the circuit. It uses the casual MMF racing car movement engine and the provided track isn't that interesting neither. Most of the circuit can be raced through without even slowing down once. In the end, the gameplay is just uninteresting and there's no real reason to play the game more than twice.

Sounds and music

There's no sound effects at all within the game minus the pig noises heard in the menu screen and the racing countdown. However, what the game lacks in sound effects is being made up for in the music department. The racing tune in Plastic Pig Racing is more akin to something that would be recorded by a psychopath wielding a timpani and a mic whilst wearing a cooking pan on the head and switching accents every 5 seconds. The results definitely are hilarious, but is such music really is suited for a game? The casual answer would be no, but it do manage to bring in more life in an otherwise boring game. It's definitely hard to keep a straight face whilst playing the game with such music playing, but it do add some difficulty to the game, at least.


You aren't likely to play this game more than twice (or four times, if you feel like playing as every of the four cars that the game offers you, although none of the cars do anything different). The only thing that this game will get value replay for is the awesome racing music, but you just need to place the MP3 in your Winamp playlist. This way, you'll be able to do everything you want whilst having the tune you play!


The Plastic Pig racing tune just kicks ass. I really recommend it to everyone! Oh wait, this review was about the game, not the game's music. Why must it be that way?

Plastic Pig Racing just isn't a pretty interesting racing game. It doesn't even stand up to Racing Line, which will always be known as the KNP tutorial racing game that you get with your KNP copy. There's a single track and no opponents to race so there's nothing to really keep you on the in order to get the music, but don't expect much from the rest of it.

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