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Review: Plasticpig Street Racer
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 19/06/2004

Plasticpig Street Racer
Reviewed by Lazarus on 6/19/04

I know its a bit late for this review, but sometimes I dig through the downloads and see what I missed. Well, I wasn't really impressed with Tom Alder's game "Bannana Dude," and I didn't have high expectations for his new game "Plasticpig Street Racer." But I was pleasently suprised! PSR is a fun little racing game (although you really don't race anything ) that features a good racing engine and annyoing (but funny) Phizzy-made music. Here goes the review!
Presentation: The title screen features a freaky picture of a pig's head, and a nice arrow key-controlled menu. Not bad!

Gameplay: Basicly, you choose a car (each one is a diffrent colour), and you race around, trying to get through 3 laps at your best time. You best time will be saved each time you play, and you have to beat your own score. The engine (I can't tell if its the default race car movement because I've never used it) can be buggy sometimes, (sometimes I can't move unless I press the arrow keys a few times ). I think you should be able to race AI opponents. Or, possibly, this game should feature multiple player modes. It gets boring after a while. But its fun, none the less.

Graphics: I thought the graphics were pretty good, although the pig-head on the title screen was a little spooky! Mmmyep. Nice stuff, nice stuff.

Sound and Music: Okay, the music is really funny. Insane resident Phizzy created music for the game, (and sung to it). "I am singing...'bout stuff! You can here me, yes you can! You are not a...MAN!..." My God, I laughed until my ears bled. It bugged me after a while, but it was entertaining for the first 20 minutes!

Lastiblity/Overall: The main problem with this game is it gets boring after a while, because it lacks multiple modes of play. I quite enjoyed it, but, as mentioned above, it did get boring after a while. Overall, Tom Alder's games are improving a lot, and I anticipate his next release! Download it for a laugh, but don't expect yourself to be entertained for more then an hour.

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