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Review: CASTLEVANIA (Haunted Castle 2)
Author: Vampire Reaper
Added: 16/07/2004

while looking in download section, my attention was captured by a fairy title i'm a huge castlevania fan and so i hurried in downloading Haunted Castle 2. a castlevania clone made by mig2, famous for his other success like lost valley 2 and silver katana.i know this game is now old, but... hey guys this games rocks !
the original graphics are awesome, inspired from originals konami's haunted castle and castlevania symphony of the night. the background also are very inspired and well designed. so from the graphical point of view "hc2" a lot satisfying. mig2 made a very excellent work trying to recreate a castlevania universe never seen before and he succeded in it. contrarily to what happen to most of the fan-games, here we don't have the feeling of deja-vu,haunted castle 2 seems to be a part of the castlevania series, a title to if being. not a clone, remake or whatever else. talking about the music, the midis takes advantage of the MCI functions if i'm not wrong, and they continue from stage to stage, accompanying the player without annoying him. the sound however are ripped from original castlevania games and a little crappy, some other instead plays loud and they turn out annoying. one of the few negative points, is the difficulty. haunted castle 2 begins with a difficulty level very high and continues until the last level. also you don't have any extra lives, and the first time you die, is the last time you play. this turns out frustrating after some plays,and leaves you all the enterteinment and the want to play another time. it's a pity, because haunted castle 2 could be one of the best click game ever. however it remains a good title, worthy of famous. After all 7

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