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Review: CASTLEVANIA (Haunted Castle 2)
Author: vrba79
Added: 17/03/2007

A terrific idea, poorly executed.

This Castlevania clone both looks, and plays like the official classic Castlevania games(1,3,Super,Bloodlines,Old school GB).

But it's not without it's glaring problems.
While the controls are pretty tight, pit jumps very early in the game are a bit difficult for level 1 challenges, the other hit this game takes is the fact you only have one life, then it's game over, not halfway point during levels, it's right back where you started from.

The game is presented in full screen, which means no squinting at tiny sprites, that's always a plus, and it adds to the look and feel of playing a console game.

Getting started can be summed in one word, "Wonky".
The menus are in French, not a problem considering you can pick out root words and figure things out even with no education in the French language.

The controls don't seem to re-assign properly for some reason so I was stuck with the awkward default set, but the mechanics are there! You can kill enemies with the backlash of your whip, II and III blocks work like they do in the real thing. That's all there.

The soundtrack uses midis from various Castlevania games, I hate midis, even with modern wavetable synthesis, but for the time this game was made midis were common, sound effects work, and they seem to fit the graphics, which are excellent, they are the game's strongest suit.

All in all it does look and sound like an honest to goodness 16 bit Castlevania. You gotta at least try this one.

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