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Review: Watkins
Author: Muffin Batel [neonair games]
Added: 03/08/2004

Presentation: When you first open the game you are aghast by the small screen and wonder what type of game could be made with such a small window size? However, you begin to not even notice it with the smooth scrolling levels. The title screen is very well made but with one exception: the music. Disrupts the beginning experience.

Gameplay: A rather nice engine with little trouble that ive seen. The minigame was fun but i got tired of my feeble attempts. The mooses weren't fair I tell ye! Now lets talk diversity. The gameplay isnt diverse enough in my opinion but it still remains able.

Graphics: The graphics first surprised me when i started. the first thing i noticed was on the Backbone Bay area- the swirling vortex of water- very well done. The graphics are thorough throughout and easy on the eye.

Sound and Music: Nothing spectactular as is with most games. some of the music seems out of placed and just shoved in there but still a nice attempt.

Lastibility: I thought this game would never end. Also its handy save feature has proven a great addition to the game. The story is very interesting too. Davy Jones inspired a disco skeleton guy(with a rainbow colored afro with oversised gloves) on my rpg maker- what i owe watkins...

If you haven't downloaded this one yet then either you have dial-up and are lazy or you just joined- but nows the time to get it!

This game is certainly a classic that compares to the neighborhood bicycle- everyone [should] have a ride!

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