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Review: Watkins
Author: MekahDexa
Added: 30/10/2004

The game is presentedvery well, it has an easy to use installer and world level select screens. It has a well presented intro, which fills you in on the background of the game. It's bad points are, the same music is used over and over again on all of the screens, except the main menu. 8/10

The character movement and scrolling was custom made, which made it easier to play. Unfortunately, the character moves slowly and instantly dies if it even slightly touches an enemy. Atleast if you lose all your lives, you don't have to start over again, but a health counter will really be helpful. 4/10

Very well made graphics, the only let down is the animation, it is too short and simply, and dead enemies will fly out the screen, instead of fall over. 7/10

I really like the fact that all the music was original, and made by the creator, but it is too short, and after a track finishes and loops over, the playerwon't be able to control the character for a second, which easily gets him killed. Also, the game is lacking sound effects. There are about five to ten sound effects in the entire game,making it repetitive. 6/10

They game has 30 huge levels and 5 bosses, making it take ages to finish (it took me an entire year!) but the problem is, some players will get bored of the gameplay before they actually finish it, but others will be trying their best to find out what the ending's like. Unfortunately, there are no extras in the game, so once you finish it, thats it. 9/10

A good game I must say, but the audio and gameplay let it down. Still, this is one of the most popular Klik games, so there must be awhole load of people who really enjoy it. 7/10

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