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Review: Gangsta
Author: AndyUK
Added: 13/09/2004

You know every now and then one game comes along a blows the competition away, it destroys any other game of its type and leaves you, well it.... leaves you WANTING TO DESTROY YOUR COMPUTER!!! AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The title screen zooms out to show the word 'Gangsta' and two buttons. Thats all. Its not that alone that makes the game seems cheap but the fact that they are clearly not centered and seem to be placed randomly.
There are infact no instructions for the game whatsoever and you don't know anything about the game before you play, not a good start.

After the poor title screen you see a badly drawn person, mabye the boss? he tells you that to be a gangster you need to do 5 missions. The whole of those five missions take around three minutes to complete, its not challenging at all.
Another part of the game mission 2 you have to take on his arch enemy! what so early? but surely everyone wanting to become a gangster has to kill his arch enemy, this man must have a lot of lives. you just shoot at a boat randomly moving around the screen you wont lose as the other boat takes almost nothing away and has no gun anyway.

As i wrote earlier the graphics are drawn badly, not just for the mission objective screen, in fact the whole game stinks graphically, people walk with wibbly legs cars turn 90% instantly and the background is

Sound and music:
There is some screaming when you run people over as you expect, one sample for everyone. and a strange noise that sound like a child wooping played at double speed. What the heck?
There is basically no music.

Most wont get past the title screen to be honest it is clearly going to waste your time. Don't bother i wish i hadn't

Overall: I don't know why people bother making games as bad as this, Cam-cox (the one that made it) put no effort in whatsoever. The fella can't eve spell two words in the same sentance correctly.
Just ignore this game, for your own good.

Ps: Did i mention this game is crap?

Sound and Music:

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