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Review: Mr. Boo
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 18/09/2004

This game is fun i must say with its random finishings.How are you sopose to beat thi game with skill........... the way i saw it all you do is watch a fat police man........(veryfunny!) bounce around the screen, yet i still ended up playing it for about 2 hours trying to beat my old score. this game rules and now ill tell you why.

Presentation: you know the start screen of this game is ok i guess but it could be better. The start screen needs sound unless my spakers dont work. and this was a great presentation for that matter.

GAMEPLAY: the game play,there is only one word to describe it....... retarted. You climb up and down ladders to save the fat police man............(funny) from plumiting to his doom. It is simple and very intertaining.but there is still one reson i have a problem with is this a cop of police or is it someone you know there is no real anszer i guess

GRAPHICS: These are top rate graphics not like other games with one color for alot of stuff. (the easy way out) this game may have taken 1 week to make and about 6 of those day probably requred graphics. That is awsome!!!

SOUND AND MUSIC: I didnt hear sounds on this maybe my spakers dont work??????????????????

Lastabuility: Like i said i played this for two quick hours and i loved every moment of it this is so cool. I would play more but i got to get down to work and not have so much fun.

OVERALL: whell i got 92 charactrs left so here goes. Thsi games over all things is great the gameplay the graphics its all good so i give it a 8/10!!!!

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