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Review: Mr. Boo
Author: X-Member19050
Added: 18/09/2004

Wow this is pretty cool

the over all of looks and such is actually very good who would of thought that a game about a fat guy coming out of the skies could be so good looking!!!!!!!!!!1

The game play needs some work such as the controls i dont like the controls but i coulnt think of a better way to do it but it takes some gettin used to so i hope in the futer that you take a lot of time trying to think of a great way to make the people be controlled!

Wow is there any other way to put it other thatn wow it is just well spent time on these graphics to give to some crapy kids on the internet such a great way to spend your time unless you are like me and do it for the people to have fun and they dont like it then i fell very bad for you

Sound and music:
sorry that i cant use my speakers because they arent working right now so this one will not count in the total and if any one knowsw how to fix them please mail me

Im truley very sorry that this game is not the play every day kind of game but i will play it every once and a wihle when i dont want to make a game and i have beaten most of my others so try to make a lastible game like triunph war 2099 that is still lasting with me but this game was still a good job

Over all:
yes i do say this is a grade C worthy game i have to say this is a lot better thatn some games ive played wich i wont reveiw or post on them becase it might hurt their feelings so i have to say this game is very worthy on the C it holds from me(yay i dont need to use filler smileys )

Sound and Music:

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